Clinical Trial Design Simulation Using AI

Leverage insights from real world data to optimise clinical trial design, improve resource allocation and increase trial success rates.

+90% accuracy* in predicting the possibility of success of any clinical trial

Trained using data from +350,000 clinical trials and 700+ variables

Pinpoint readily addressable changes to boost the success likelihood

* based on precision/recall 

Drawing on over 20 years of real-world trial data, TrialKey employs AI and GPT-4 to optimise clinical trial design and improve resource allocation. Our platform provides comprehensive insights into competitor trials and similar studies across drugs, medical devices, alternative therapies, and non-randomised drug control trials, offering specific recommendations to enhance trial outcomes.

TrialKey delivers tailored, actionable steps to address critical trial challenges, increasing success rates quickly and cost-effectively. TrialKey’s TrialGen module automates the creation of Clinical Study Protocols (CSPs), ensuring efficient and effective trial execution based on real-world evidence.

How we can help you

Clinical Researchers, Sponsors & Pharmaceutical Companies

Investors & Analysts

Use the predicted likelihood of the success of a trial along with the predicted date of completion to help inform your investment decisions.

Trial Design Optimisation Using Real-World Evidence

90% of clinical trials fail. Optimise using AI to improve your odds.